Dhenkanal Forest Division

District: Dhenkanal
Geographical Extent: Longitude 85° 05'E and 86° 10'E & Latitude 20° 35'N and 21° 10'N
Climate: Maximum Temperature ranges from 35° C to 45° C, minimum ranges from 13° C to 17° C and average rainfall 1428 mm.

Dhenkanal Forest Division has been established during the year 1948 having three Sub-divisions namely Dhenkanal, Kamakshyanagar and Hindol of Dhenkanal District.The Kapilash Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Southern Hill Range of Dhenkanal Forest Division under Angul Circle in the State of Odisha.The Sanctuary is quite rich in biodiversity having significant genetic and ecological importance.Kapilash is the paradise of tourists.Important fauna of the Sanctuary includes, Leopard, Elephant, Sambar, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, Bear, Pangolin, Peacocks and a wide variety of reptiles.


The trees in top storey are mostly deciduous and remain leafless for a shorter period of time but the middle story is mostly evergreen having species like Saraca India, Cane,Mangifera Indica. Sal and kangada are the usual associates in the higher altitude which are gradually replaced by bamboo at the foot hills. Species frequently come across are: Asan, Kumbhi, Alstonia Scholoris, Anogeissus acuminata etc. Various climbers are found in this type of Forests. Cane occurs in patches in moist areas. A variety of Shrubs like Kamini, Cycas, Nahalbeli etc. are observed as the ground flora in semi evergreen forests.The forest growth in the lateritic soil are mainly Xylia Xylocarpa, Pterocorpus marsupium, Anogecious latifolia, Grewia tilifolia, Terminalia species. Severall thorny shrubs like Carissa spina rum, flacourtia indica and hugonia myastax are seen. Climbers like combretum decandrum and zyzyphus oenoplea dominate in most of the forests.


The fauna consists mainly of monkeys, Jungle cats, Squirrels, Leopard, Elephant, Sambar, Barking Deer, Mouse Deer, South Bear, Pangolin, Peacocks with a wide variety of reptiles and birds. The dense forests and the presence of wild animals draws many nature-lovers to this area.

Administrative set-up (Range, Section, beats): Ranges- 8, Sections- 29,Beats- 104
EDC/JFM set-up: EDCs - 0, VSS - 0
Management set-up (RF/PRF/DPF/UDPF/VFs): No. of RF- 65, No. of PRF- 4, No. of DPF- 47, No. of UDPF- 0, No. of VF- 217
Major Attraction
  • Kapilash Temple: The temple is situated at about 2239 feet above the sea level. The temple has a wooden Jagamohan. The deities are Sri Ganesh, Kartikeya, Gangadevi are found in the temple. "LordChandra Sekhar" is the presiding God in this holy place.
  • Saptyasajya, a place of scenic beauty, where the holy temple of "Maryada Purusottama Sri Ramachandra" is located at about 900 feet at the hilltop.
  • The hill has several caves as well as the ruins of a mediaeval fort which are regularly visited by pilgrims.
  • The great names of Shridhar Swami, the celebrated commentator of the Bhagabat and Mahima Gosain, the founder of Mahima Cult, are historically associated with the place.
  • The Kapilash Zoo and the Science Park are two other added attractions of the place.
Salient Detail
HQ Address: At/Po.-Dhenkanal
Contact officer: Divisional Forest Officer, Dhenkanal Forest Division,Dhenkanal Phone/ FAX-(06762) 226717, e-mail- dfo.dhenkanal@gmail.com
Key activities: Forest Protection,anti-poaching,Control illegal cutting of trees,Control on other illegal activities such as collection of boulders, sand from nalas, murrum collection etc.
Programmes: Wildlife health programmes,Inter-agency programme,etc
Places to see: Deer park, Science park at Kapilash, Dattatreya Ashram of Sai Baba at harekrushnapur, Tapoban Ashram of Alekha Dharma, Saptasajya Eco-tourism, [oranda the origin of Mahima Cult.

Dhenkanal Forest Division

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