Wildlife Census

Wildlife research and documentation is a recognized mandate of the Wildlife Wing. The conservation projects on crocodiles, sea turtles, Dolphin, tiger, elephant and blackbuck, along with the captive-breeding programme at Nandankanan, and eco-development need and approaches are some of the few areas generating lot of data which are used in planning and execution of wildlife conservation programmes.

Population estimation of various wildlife species has been done regularly for better understanding of wildlife and their habitat which form a vital input for better management.

As a practice, regular census of Elephant, Tiger and Blackbuck in the terrestrial (forest) habitat; the Gharial, Mugger and waterfowl in the freshwater habitat; the Estuarine Crocodile, the Waterfowl, Whale, Dolphins in fresh water and the nesting Turtles in the sea coast habitat are being conducted.

Year :
SlnoSpeciesNameCensus Area/SitePopulation
1 Saltwater crocodile Bhitarkanika 1694
2 Blackbuck Balukhand-Konark Wildlife Sanctuary -
Balipadar-Bhetnoi area in Ganjam District -
3 Dolphins (7 species ) Chilika lagoon 121
Entire Coastal Odisha including Chilika lagoon 257 Irrawaddy-181(Bottle-Nose-31 Humpback-34 Pantropical Finless-0 spotted-5 Gaanges River-0)
4 Elephant Entire State 1976
5 Gharial Mahanadi river system 9
6 Leopard Entire State -
7 Migratory Birds (i)Chilika lagoon 9.24 Lakhs
(ii) Bhitarkanika Mangrove Wetland 0.76 Lakhs
(iii) Hirakud Reservoir 0.78 Lakhs
8 Mugger crocodile (i)Satkosia / Mahanadi river 86
(ii)River systems of Similipal Tiger Reserve 77
(iii)Ghodahada Reservoir, Digapahandi, Ganjam 55
9 Olive Ridley sea turtle Gahirmatha 6.04 Lakhs
Rushikulya river mouth 3.71 Lakhs
Total 9.75 Lakhs
10 Tiger Entire State -

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