SlnoLocationDivision NameRange NamePlace Name
1 Bichitrapur Balasore WL Division Jaleswar
2 Gohirabhola Balasore WL Division Kuldiha
3 Gudguda Waterfall Bamra WL Division Kuchinda Badabahal
4 Kutab Bamra WL Division Badarama Kutab Watch Tower
5 Paturia Bamra WL Division Badarama University Spot
6 Godibari Chandaka WL Division Chandaka Godibari
7 Derasa Chandaka WL Division Chandaka Derasa
8 Mangalajodi Chilika WL Division Tangi Mangalajodi
9 Kapilash Dhenkanal Forest Division Kapilash Kapilash Temple
10 Kapilash Dhenkanal Forest Division Kapilash Saptasajya

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