Provision for payment of compassionate grant :
1. As per Odisha Gazette Notification No. 2087 dated 01.12.2017 the rate of compassionate payment due to depredation by specified wild animals under provisions of wildlife (Protection) (Odisha) rule, 1974 the rate of compassionate payment with effect from 01.12.2017 is as follow:

Human kill Rs.4.0 lakhs
Human injury (Permanent) Rs.1.0 lakh
Human injury (temp)- free treatment in Govt. Hospital + Rs.5000/-
Cattle kill (Bullock/Cow/Buffalo) Rs.5000/-
Cattle kill (Calf) Rs.2500/-
Crop Damage/ Acre (Paddy & Cereals) Rs.10000/-
Crop Damage/ Acre (Cash crops) Rs.12000/-
Sheep/ Goat Rs.2000/-
Lamb Rs.750/-
House damage
Completely damaged- Rs.10000/- & allotment of a new house under Biju Pucca Ghar Yojana Scheme
Partly damaged- Rs.2000/-

2. Toll free number: For any sort of assistance / help or towards ventilating any information regarding rescue of wild animals, illegal trading of wildlife trophy, capturing of wild animals etc. one toll free number 18003456771 is operating at the office of the PCCF (Wildlife) & Chief Wildlife Warden, Odisha round the clock.

3. Steps taken by wildlife wing to curb the poaching / crimes related to wild life and accidental occurrence:

The law has been made stringent against the offenders indulged in committing wildlife offences will be booked under section a includes prohibition of hunting (i.e. no person shall hunt any wild animal specifying in schedule 1, 2, 3 & 4 except as provided under section 11 and 12) of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972; and will be penalized under Section 51 Chapter V(A) of Wild life Protection Act, 1972.

Celebration of wildlife week, elephant day etc awareness development campaign were made by way of awarding the eminent personals for their contribution towards conservation of wildlife through Biju Pattanaik State level Award amounting to Rs.2,00, 000/- in cash with a trophy. The amount of cash award at Sub Division level Biju Pattanaik Award for wildlife conservation in Rs.5000/- the above awards are confirmed to the personals for their sustained contribution for protection and conservation of wildlife by way of providing valuable information for detection of wildlife offence cases and effecting seizure and recovery of ivory, skins of tiger and leopard and towards conservation of wildlife specifically elephant, tiger, crocodile, olive ridley turtles etc.

A crime cell has been constituted in the office of the Principal CCF (Wildlife) & CWLW, Odisha for proper and timely investigation of wildlife poaching cases.

In addition to the above a “Wildlife Crime Cell” has been constituted in the office of the Additional Director General of Police, Criminal Investigation Department, Crime Branch, Odisha, Cuttack to take up investigation and to file complaint under notification under section 55 of Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 with a dedicated team of the following officers from Police and Forest Department.

  • Additional SP/ Deputy SP as in-charge.
  • Two Inspector as investigator.
  • Two Sub-Inspector / Assistant Sub-inspector of Police as assisting staff.
  • One Assistant Conservator of Forests and One Forest Ranger from Forest Department.

Steps have been taken for engagement of special prosecutor at district level including National parks etc. which are more vulnerable to poaching / smuggling of wild animal body parts.

Dossier of habitual offenders are being maintained and circulated to the field from time to time to keep close vigil on their activities. Wildlife Crime Cell has been established in the State Crime Branch Office for investigating organized wildlife crime cases and apprehending criminals. During the last 5 years, 11 such offence cases have been handed over to Crime Branch for better investigation.

Government has launched awareness campaigns with an objective to spread general awareness among people about the seriousness of poaching problems.

For this massive drive has been initiated by forest department to prevent so called Akhanda Sikara which was customary among the tribals which they used to perform during Bisuba Sankrati around mid April, where in the tribals enter into forest in large scale for poaching. To prevent the same following steps were being taken.

  • Through EDC (Eco Development Committee) Bow and arrow competitions are being organized among the tribals with attractive prizes followed by Dance, Drama, awareness campaigns where the participants includes the local forest officers.
  • In order to spread awareness among the people regarding wildlife crimes, flag march is being conducted in vulnerable areas with forest protection force, APR units and VSS members.

To minimize and mitigate man-wildlife conflict in the State following steps have been taken

1. Anti depredation, Anti poaching squads & trackers have been engaged to prevent depredation by wild animals.

2. Divisional Rapid Response Team & Anti Depredation Committees have been constituted to chalk out the strategies for preventing wild animal depredation and take instant action in case of depredation noticed.

3. Asian Institute of Nature Conservation (AINC) has been assigned with the study of ‘Carrying Capacity’ of the wildlife habitats and corridors in the State.

4. Solar fencing, trenches and stonewalling are being provided in the depredation prone localities to prevent menace of wild animals into human habitations.

5. Plantation of fodder species, augmentation and creation of water bodies in Wildlife habitats are being taken up as per requirement.

6. Identification, demarcation, enrichment and conservation of elephant corridors in the State have been taken up since 2012-13 to prevent straying of wild elephants into human habitations.

7. Inhabitants of depredation prone localities are made aware well in advance in case of elephant menace.

8. Habitat improvement works are being taken up in forest areas by raising fodder plantations, creation & renovation of water bodies and fire prevention works etc through Elephant Management plan since 2009-10.

9. Regular meetings are being arranged with Railway and Electricity authorities to prevent death of wild animals by electrocution & train accident.

10. Awareness among General public, VSS/Eco Development Committee members, and school students is being raised to join hands with the Department to save Wild animals and reduce human animal conflict.

Right To Information (Under RTI Act 2005)

Public Information Officer Name: Sri Mihir Kumar Biswal
Designation: Deputy Conservator of Forests
Asst. Public Information Officer Name: Sri Jagdish Satpathy
Designation: Asst. Conservator of Forests
1st Appellate Authority Name: Sri Sashi Paul,IFS
Designation: Addl. Principal CCF(WL)

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