Kapilash Sanctuary

Forest Division : Dhenkanal (T) Forest Division
District : Dhenkanal
Date of Notification : 31-03-2011
Notified Area : 12559.59 Ha or 125.5 sq. kms

Kapilash Wildlife Sanctuary in Dhenkanal district lies in Central Odisha which attracts tourists in droves because of its unique floral, faunal and geomorphological diversity.There is an abudance sal, saguan, kendu, kumbhi and mohua apart from other trees,shrubs, herbs & climber. There are mammals like Elephant, wild boar, deer, monkeys,jungle cats, giant squirrels and birds like peacock, oride, hill myna, parakeet, owl, grey hornbills etc. The dense forests and the presence of wild animals draw many nature lovers to this area. A temple of Lord Shiva "Lord Chandrasekhar" is located at the top of the hill. To get to the temple one has to climb 1390 nos. steps. The way to the temple is thrilling with dense forests on both sides. There is a mortable road too. The singing birds, colorful butterflies and amazing waterfalls mesmerize the visitors.

Quick Facts
  • Kapilash being a religious place having a Shiva shrine attracts people round the year from Odisha West Bengal, Chhattisgarh and other neighboring State.
  • A temple of Lord Vishwanath is also there in Kapilash.
  • The Gharial breeding centre and science park are an added attraction for the tourist.
  • There is a small zoo at the foot of the Kapilash called" Kapilash Zoo".
  • One can go for boating situated beside the zoo.
How to reach

By Road : From Dhenkanal-21 km by road. Dhenkanal is well connected by road from Bhubaneswar 90km and from Cuttack 60km.
By Rail : Train is available fron Howrah to Cuttack and from Cuttack to Sambalpur.
By Air : Nearest Air Port is at Bhubaneswar.

Facilities available
  • No Facility Available.
Salient Detail
Geographic Extent: Longitude 85° 40' to 85° 56'(East) Latitude 20° 35' to 20° 46' (North)
Climate : Moderate
Villages : None
Contact officer: Divisional Forest Officer, Dhenkanal Division, Dhenkanal Phone- (06762) 226717, FAX-(06762) 226717 E-mail- dfo.dhenkanal@gmail.com
Best time to visit: Round the year
Accommodation : Tourist can stay at Dhenkanal where a good number of hotels of different categories are available Pvt hotel at Kapilash and Guest house at Harekrishnapur of Sai Temple Trust.

Kapilash Santuary

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