Similipal Sanctuary

Forest Division : Similipal Tiger Reserve
District : Mayurbhanj
Date of Notification : 03-12-1979
Notified Area :

Similipal Tiger Reserve in Mayurbhanj district is endowed with high peaks like Khairiburu,Maghasini and rocky cliffs like Ganapati facing the frost-valleys in Devasthali.The name ‘Simiipal’ is believed to be derived from the abundance of Semul or Red Silk cotton trees which bloom vividly every year.The biodiversity of the land scape with high degree of endemism is the striking feature of the sanctuary.It harbours Tiger,Leopard,Sloth bear,Elephant,Gaur and other important major faunal species.Similipal is the only home for the unique melanistic tiger in the world.There are 55 species of mammals,361 species of birds,62 species of reptiles,21 species of amphibians,with many species of invertebrate are present in the landscape.

Quick Facts
  • The undulating terrain and its perennial sources of water are the two striking features of the entire area.
  • The forest boasts of innumerable medicinal and aromatic plants, which provide a source of earnings for the tribal people.
  • The Tiger Reserve is rewarding for bird watchers and anthropologists.
  • Over 4.5lakh people generate livelihood possibilities from Similipal Tiger Reserve.
How to reach

By Road : Baripada, the district headquarters of Mayurbhanj, on the junction of NH 5 and 6, is 250 km from Bhubaneswar, 200 km from Kolkata and 60 km from Balasore and 22 km from Pithabata, which is an entry point. The other entry point, Jashipur, is 94 km from Baripada on N.H. 6. Both places are well connected by regular bus services. Taxis and jeeps are available.
By Rail : Nearest railheads are Baripada, Balasore, TataNagar (Jamshedpur) and Kharagpur.
By Air : Nearest airports are Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Jamshedpur and Ranchi.

Facilities available
  • Natural walks, hiking and rough trekking are the facilities tourists can avail.
  • Jaranda Falls and Barheipani Falls with inducing a scintillating pond at its base to take a soothing bath for the visitors.
  • Natural walks,hiking and rough trekking are the facilities tourists can avail.
Salient Detail
Geographic Extent: Longitude 86° 03' to 86° 35'(East) and Latitude 21° 14' to 22° 20'(North)
Climate : Temperature - In summer: 48°C, In winter: 2°C Rainfall - 2200cm, rainy days: 100-130 days
Villages : 65 Villages including one in the Core area (Proposed National Park).
Contact officer: 1. Field Director, Similipal Tiger Reserve, Baripada, Dist-Mayurbhanj(Odisha) Phone No.06792-252593(O) Phone-252773 ® . 2. DFO,Baripada Division, At/PO-Baripada,Dist-Mayurbhanj, Phone:06792-25613 (O),252532 ®. 3. DFO,Karanjia Division, At/PO-Karanjia,Dt.Mayurbhanj Pho:06796-220226(0) –220232®.
Best time to visit: Similipal for tourist open from 01 Nov. to 15 June.
Accommodation : Reservation for accommodation only through on-line booking 1. Jamuani: Tribal Hut-1(Triple bedded-1 Suite),Tribal Hut-II(Triple bedded-1 Suite) 2. Kumari: Bamboo Manchan-2 suites(Doublebedded each),Bamboo Cattage-4 Cottages(Double bedded each). 3. Gurguria: Tourist Cottage-I (Double Bedded-1 suite),Tourist Cottage-II(Double Bedded-1 suite),Pine Villa(Double Bedded-2 suites),Pine Villa(Triple Bedded 2 suites). 4. Ramatirtha: Chital Villa-Dormitory(10 Bedded-A/c),Chowsingha Villa Dormitory(10 Bedded-non A/C)Chinkara Villa-Dormitory(10 Bedded-non A/C),Tribal Hut(Double-Bedded-3 suites A/C),Devasthali cottage (Double Bedded-4 suites A/C)

Similipal Santuary

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