Keonjhar Wildlife Division

District: Keonjhar
Geographical Extent: Longitude 85° 37'E and 86° 21'E & Latitude 21° 33'N and 20° 59'N
Climate: Summer- March to June(maximum temp-35° C ), Rainy- July to October and winter – November to February

Keonjhar Wildlife Division extends to the whole of Anandapur sub-division. Hadgarh Sanctuary lies in this Wildlife division.This division with miscellaneous vegetation and smaller hills contains variety of flora and fauna and surrounds Salandi reservoir, which contains fresh water. The entire landscape is an ideal habitat for many wild lives in general and flag ship species like elephant in particular.The wildlife division has immense biodiversity and aesthetic and geomorphologic values with an unique still water mass of 31.83 Sq km. The beauty of lush green undulating forest all around gives birth to Salandi River.


The main portion of division comprises of mixed deciduous forests with miscellaneous species.The major forest types are Northern Tropical Dry deciduous forests,Dry Peninsular Sal Forests,Northern dry mixed Deciduous forests.Climbers found are Bauhinia vahalii, Millettia auriculata and Butea superba in Hadagarh Sanctuary. Some common grasses found are spear grass, Sabai and broom grass


Hadagarh Wild life sanctuary is famous for migrating elephants and resident population of wild boar, bears, deers, hare and sambars. In addition to it Langur, Macaques, Tiger, Leopard, Jackal, Hyaena, Jungle cat, Mongoose, Bears, Otter, fishing cat, Chital, Barking deer, wild bear, Flying squirrel, Porcupine, Hare, Rodents, Pangolin, Snakes are commonly found. Among birds jungle crow, jungle myna, crow phesants, Bulbull, parakeets, peacocks, Babblers, Magpie Robin, woodpeckers, Koel, bee eater, Swifts, Vulture, Owls, Pigeons, doves, jungle bush quail, patridge, Egrets, Ducks, Teals, Hornbills, drongo, Winter migrants like ducks are also found.

Administrative set-up (Range, Section, beats): Ranges- 4, Sections- 12,Beats- 36
EDC/JFM set-up: EDCs - 0, VSS - 0
Management set-up (RF/PRF/DPF/UDPF/VFs): No. of RF- 0, No. of PRF- 0, No. of DPF- 0, No. of UDPF- 0, No. of VF- 0
Major Attraction
  • Thakurani hill : It is situated by the side of a perennial spring of Thakurani hill. It is famous for the temple of Murga Mahadev.
  • Sanghagra : It is a perennial waterfall.
  • Badaghagara :It is famous for a small charming waterfall about 50 ft. high on the river Mudala
  • Keonjhar hill :A quiet hillside town, Keonjhar district is the playground of nature, away from the hoards of tourists that throng to popular hill stations.
  • Gonasika :Surrounded by a series of valleys and wooded hills of varying colours, the place is famous as a centre of pilgrimage for the temple of Brahmeswar Mahadev established by the side of river Baitarani.
  • Hadagarh Dam on the river Salandi in ANANDAPUR subdivision of Keonjhar. It is an ideal picnic spot for round the year.
Salient Detail
HQ Address: Keonjhar Wildlife Division At-Anandapur in the district of Keonjhar,odisha
Contact officer: Divisional Forest Officer, Keonjhar Wildlife Division, Anandapur.
Key activities: Construction & maintenance of contur bunds,Maintenance of soil conservation,Agro forestry, silvipasture, fuel wood planting wildlife management protection of forest and wildlife.
Programmes: Buffer Zone management Programmes ,development programmes,etc.
Places to see: Hadgarh Sanctuary,Salandi dam,etc.

Keonjhar Wildlife Division

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