Hirakud Wildlife Division

District: Bargarh
Geographical Extent: Longitude 83° 30'E and 83° 46'E & latitude 21° 28'N and 21° 44'N
Climate: 8°- 20°C in winters to a high of 20°- 48°C in summers and average rainfall is 369.34 mm (August) and minimum average rainfall is 18.80 mm (November).

This Hirakud Wildlife Division, Sambalpur has been created vide Government Resolution NO.1F(A)-100/2003/13228/ F&E dt.8.8.2003 of Forest and Environment Department with divisional headquarters at Sambalpur. The Division office is located near office of the Regional Chief Conservator of Forests, Sambalpur. The total geographical area of Hirakud Wildlife Division,Sambalpur is 477.25 Sq. Kms. Since then Protection and development of Wildlife is one of the top priorities in the present scenario to have a positive impact of dwindling environmental conditions.The Debrigarh Sanctuary lies in this division and it is under the territorial jurisdiction of Hirakud Wildlife Division.The sanctuary is like an emerald nestled in the serene blue waters of Hirakud Reservoir. The Reservoir is the largest man made water body in Asia and flanks about one third of the sanctuary boundary on the north and eastern side.


Sal, a gregarious species, is mostly confined to foot hills, valleys and sheltered pockets where moisture status of soil is moderate. Vegetation on hill slopes and upper portion is predominantly miscellaneous consisting of high proportion of Anogeissus latifolia (Dhaura), Lannea coromandelica (Moi), Boswellia serrata (Salai), Cleistanthus collinus (Karada) and Dalbergia paniculata (Barabakulia).Bamboos occur in almost all parts of the division over extensive areas of forests. The Species of bamboo covering large tracts of Hills is Dendrocalamus strictus (Salia bamboo).The common trees are Moi, Girdhini, Gelgela, Dhaura, Kekut etc. The under growths are Kurdu, Gangaseoli, Dhatuki, Thelko, Telia, Khajuri, Thua, etc. The grasses are Sinkula, Sabai, Thatch Grass (Dab) in marshy areas close to reservoir and their occurrence is light. Commonly found climbers are Siali, Dantari, Latapalas,etc.


Herbivores such as Spotted deer, Sambhar, Four horned Antelope, Nilgai, and Carnivores such as Leopard and other animals such as Indian Gaur, Bear, Wild Boar, Civet, Porcupine, Hanuman Langur etc. are noticed.Among birds Peafowls are seen in plenty. Other birds such as Eagle, Owl, Parrot, Flycatcher, Sunbird, Hornbill, Crow, Pigeon, Nightjar etc. are seen.Python, Cobra and other snakes are rarely seen. There are 19 numbers of elephants in this sanctuary and captive one named Kharshel. Wild life including leopards are very often sighted.Bison and Sambhar are endemic to this region. Nilgai is a rare species which is occasionally sighted.

Administrative set-up (Range, Section, beats): Ranges- 4, Sections- 12,Beats- 36
EDC/JFM set-up: EDCs - 14, VSS - 0
Management set-up (RF/PRF/DPF/UDPF/VFs): No. of RF- 2, No. of PRF- 0, No. of DPF- 0, No. of UDPF- 0, No. of VF- 0
Major Attraction
  • The reservoir at the Hirakud lake is the Centre of attraction.
  • The sighting of wild animal is a major attraction.
  • The wild animal conservation centre at Motijharan in Sambalpur which is given the status of small zoo.
  • The Hirakud dam project is also one of the major tourist attraction.
  • Ecotourism Complex having 12 double bedded cottage and one 4 bedded cottage. The booking is done online from the website www.ecotourodisha.com .
  • Boating facilities is available at Barakhandia Eco-tourism complex. The hiring cost will be Rs.1500/- per hour and maximum perosn allowed 7 numbers
Salient Detail
HQ Address: Hirakud Wildlife Division,Motijharan,near deer park,Sambalpur- 768001
Contact officer: Divisional Forest Officer, Hirakud Wildlife Division, Sambalpur. Phone no: 0663-2548743 Email: dfohirakudwl.od@gov.in & hirakudwildlife1@gmail.com
Key activities: Regular patrolling by staff and anti-smuggling squad to prevent illicit felling and poaching is ensured. There are 4 watch towers at Patheidurga,Budduma in Lakhanpur range. Parbatitong,Barkhandia in Kamgaon range. There are 8 numbers of check gates,5 in Lakhanpur range and 3 in Kamgaon range. 114.6km of forest road maintained for internal supervision and protection , patrolling. For conservation and management of wildlife SMC activity,maintenance of salt ,meadow development, waterbody are mainta
Places to see: Hirakud dam while going to Sanctuary , Eco cottages at Barkhandia ,Watch tower at Parbatitong ,Barkhandia ,Ushakothi fall in side Sanctuary. Ghanteswari temple and Huma temple ,Samleswari Temple within a radius of 50 kms out side Sanctuary are other tourist attraction. Sighting of wild animal from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm and 6.00 am to 8.00 am during October to June is possible.

Hirakud Wildlife Division

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