Lakheri-Valley Sanctuary

Forest Division : Parlakhemundi (T) Forest Division
District : Gajapati & boardering portion of Ganjam District.
Date of Notification : 08-02-1985
Notified Area : 174.95 Sq Kms.

This sanctuary is located in the district of Gajapati is rich with tropical mixed deciduous forest, hills, perennial water sources and a variety of wildlife such as Leopard, Porcupine, pangolin, Giant squirrel, civet, otter, wolf, peafowl, Parakeet, Owl, Myna, Heron, Hornbill, hyena, elephant, deer, sambar and a variety of birds and reptiles. This sanctuary can be approached from Berhampur, Taptapani (famous for its hot water spring) and Chandragiri. The sanctuary spreads over an area of around 175 sq.kms. The place has a tropical climate and receives a huge amount of rainfall each and every year.

Quick Facts
  • The Lakhari Valley Sanctuary was established in the year 1985. The place is blessed with a tropical climate and receives a huge amount of rainfall every year due to its proximity to the Bay of Bengal
  • The sanctuary is full of rich tropical forest, valleys, hills, water sources etc., which creates an enchanting ambience in the sanctuary.
  • The Lakhari Valley Sanctuary is a dwelling place of a large number of elephants. The sanctuary is one of the elephant populated sanctuaries in India.
How to reach

By Road : The Lakhari Valley Sanctuary is well connected by road and nearest places by road is Chandragiri which is about 15km from wildlife reserve.
By Rail : Nearest Railway Station is at Brahampur Near about 70-75Kms.
By Air : The nearest airport to this sanctuary is at Bhubaneswar.

Facilities available
  • No Facility Available
Salient Detail
Geographic Extent: Longitude 84° 15' to 84° 25'(East) and Latitude 19° 25' to 19° 15'(North)
Climate : Moderate
Villages : 6 (villages inside Sanctuary) and 30 ( habitation ) 3457 population
Contact officer: D.F.O., ParlakhemundiDivision, Paralakhemundi, At/PO. Parlakhemundi Dist,Gajapati. Contact No. 06815222680,Mob No.9437079579. FOREST RANGE OFFICER,Chandragiri,HQ /At Podamari,PO. Podamari, Dist,Gajapati,
Best time to visit: October- March
Accommodation : Available at Digapahandi and Taptapani (Panthanivas of OTDC) and Chandragiri Budhist Rest House at Jiranga.

Lakheri-Valley Santuary

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