Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary

Forest Division : Mangrove Forests Division (WL) Rajnagar
District : Kendrapara
Date of Notification : 22-04-1975
Notified Area : 672.00

Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the estuarial region of Bramhani-Baitarani, in the north-eastern place of Kendrapara district of Odisha (Orissa), the sanctuary covers an area of 672 square kilometers of Mangrove Forests and Wetland. Three rivers flow out to sea at Bhitarkanika forming a tidal maze of muddy creeks and mangroves. Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary is home to numerous species of birds. It is also home to the endangered and mysterious King Cobras. The sanctuary has to its account is the inhibition of its ecosystem by the Giant Estuarine Crocodiles and numerous varieties of other animal species.

Quick Facts
  • Bhitarkanika Mangrove Ecosystem is richest from bio-diversity point of view. The floral diversity in Bhitarkanika is 2nd largest after Papua New Guinea.
  • The Protected Area encompasses variety of habitats and microhabitats. Mangroves serve as nesting, feeding and breeding grounds for wide range of invertebrates and vertebrates.
  • The Sanctuary is home to the largest number of Estuarine Crocodiles in the Indian sub-continent. With a population of more than 1600 crocodiles.
  • The heronry at Bagagahana / Mathaadia (largest in Asia) provides nesting space to a large number of resident water birds during rainy season where as the wetlands spreading throughout the sanctuary serve as feeding grounds for a number of migratory birds during winter.
  • It is the only major mangrove patch of the State of Odisha which is legally and administratively well protected and has a long term role in protecting the life and property of the people of the hinterland from cyclones, and other natural calamities.
How to reach

By Road : The area is accessible by road is via Rajnagar & Chandbali
By Rail : The nearest Railway Stations are Cuttack and Bhadrak, which are 110 Km. away from Rajnagar and 50 Km away from Chandbali respectively.
By Air : Nearest airport is Bhubaneswar, which is 130 Kms. awayfrom Rajnagar & 180 Kms away from Chandbali.

Facilities available
  • Wildlife sighting and Sightseeing is done on boats empanelled with Forest Department licenses.
  • Accommodation is available at Eco-cottages in and around the sanctuary at affordable facilities.
  • Bagagahana Island: Located within Bhitarkanika Forest Block of the sanctuary, is a large heronry spread over 22 acres.
Salient Detail
Geographic Extent: Longitudes 86° 38' to 87° 3'(east )and Latitude 20° 47' to 20° 29' (north).
Climate : Temperature - In summer: 43°C, In winter: 10°C
Villages : 410 villages
Contact officer: Divisional Forest Officer, Mangrove Forest Division (WL), Rajnagar, Dist-Kendrapara, Phone no. 06729-242460; Fax 06729-242460
Best time to visit: Winter and early summer months (October to mid April)
Accommodation : 1. At Dangamal – 05 Air-conditioned Suites (02 beds each); One 03 bedded Suite and 02 large suites (04 beds each), a dining room and kitchen; 2. At Habalikhati – 03 large suites (04 beds each); 02 c

Bhitarkanika Santuary

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