Hadgarh Sanctuary

Forest Division : Keonjhar (Wildlife) Division
District : Keonjhar
Date of Notification : 06-12-1978
Notified Area : 191.06sq.km

Hadgarh Wildlife Sanctuary lies in the district of Keonjhar and Mayurbhanj. It is near the Hadgarh reservoir of Salandi Dam. This region is rich in mixed deciduous forest and play home to variety of wildlife. The wide range of fauna that can be seen at Hadgarh Wildlife Sanctuary in Odisha, India includes leopard,tiger, fishing cat, jungle cat,langur, pangolin and hyena.Hadgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is also abode of several species of birds and reptiles.The conservation area of Hadgarh Wildlife Sanctuary is very popular with the tourists who wish to relish the wild and unspoilt natural environment.

Quick Facts
  • It was established in the year 1978 covering an area of regarding 191.06sq kms.
  • The Salandi river passing through its forest is its lifeline.
  • The Salandi river is home to mugger crocodile.
  • There is a dam in the Salandi river named Salandi dam.
  • The Baula hill range lying on the east and west of Salandi River, the valley engaged by the reservoir and its catchment are the main features.
How to reach

By Road : The township Anandapur of is linked with Calcutta, Bhubaneshwar, Ranchi and Jamshedpur.
By Rail : The nearest railhead is Jajpur-Keojhar.Road which is about 30 kms from Anandapur. The railhead is the closest Railway Station that connects the place to the rest of Odisha.
By Air : The nearest airport to Anandapur is the Bhubaneshwar Airport.There are domestic flights from Bhubaneshwar which connects it to the rest of India.

Facilities available
  • A wireless communication system covering all important points within and around the sanctuary has been established. During emergency this communication network will usually be available to multi-day tourists through the established base stations.
  • Forest rest house and watch towers are also available.
  • Accommodation for stay at Salandi Nilaya at Hadagarh can be available from Executive Engineer, Salandi Irrigation Dam, Anandapur.
Salient Detail
Geographic Extent: Longitude 86° 10' to 86° 22'(East) Latitude 21° 23' to 21° 12'(North)
Climate : Moderate
Villages : None
Contact officer: Divisional Forest Officer,Keonjhar Wildlife Division,Anandapur.
Best time to visit: October to May
Accommodation : Inspection Bungalows at Anandpur,Hadgarh and Keonjhar.

Hadgarh Santuary

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